How to Find Bingo Tournaments

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For bingo connoisseurs Bingo tournaments are not only means of raking in big moolah but are also about having more fun, keeping up to date with latest bingo trends and making new friends.

Here are some tips to help you find out about Bingo tournaments:

  • To find out about land based bingo tournaments the best way is the old school way of driving around the city to find out about the tournaments. Bingo halls, community centers and town halls advertise bingo tournaments months in advance, giving you enough time to prepare yourself for these tournaments.
  • An easy way to find out about the bingo tournaments is by checking out local newspapers and yellow pages under the bingo section.
  • If you are looking to participate in online bingo tournaments, then you can find out about up coming or on going tournaments on bingo review sites. These sites enlist all the details of the tournaments from the date to the games and the kind of prizes you can expect at these tournaments.
  • Word of mouth is a sure shot way to get to know about bingo tournaments whether land based or online. Talk to your friends, co players and chat room friends to seek information about the bingo tournaments.
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