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Canadians are fast becoming one the fastest growing Bingo playing demography. Canadian bingo players seem to be having insatiable Bingo appetite and to cater to that online bingo sites are exclusively offering Canadian Bingo.


Canadian Bingo does not differ much from USA or UK bingo except in features such as


  • Canadian bingo sites allow transaction in Canadian dollars. Most of the Canadian Bingo sites use secure payment gateways such as Visa and master card.
  • Canadian Bingo sites have very big player base and most of which are Canadians. So, if you are looking to socialize or make friends then by playing Canadian Bingo you can even do that.
  • Some Canadian Bingo sites also offer excellent deposit bonuses up to 100% and even dole out attractive promotional offer periodically.

Even if you are not Canadian but want to enjoy the thrill of playing Canadian Bingo, there are several websites that offer the international players such opportunity.

Besides playing Canadian Bingo if you want to keep up to date with latest happening in the world of Bingo or up coming Canadian Bingo tournaments, these sites provide enough information on that too.

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